Making a stop-motion prototype


Windows Movie Maker

1: Run from system hard disk (e.g. C:\Program Files\Movie Maker) or obtain from Windows Update .

2:Tools > Options > Advanced > Set picture duration to 0.125 second and transition duration to 0.25 seconds.

3: File > Import into Collections > (Files of Type) Picture Files > Select your stopmotion images > Import

4: Drag all images down onto the timeline.

5: To add music, import it the same way as you import images and place it onto the Audio/Music trail in timeline.

6: To add title: Tool>Titles and Credits

7: File > Save Movie File… > My Computer, Next > name the file > Best quality for playback on my computer / DV-avi > next

And you are done!


Making Stop-motion Animation using iLife Tutorial.


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