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Proposal: Turn me off

I’m interested in exploring the idea of “anti-technology”, motivated by people’s occasional desire to be away from technology (e.g. switch off phones or go to the park) and reconnect with the natural world instead of losing ourselves in the virtual. … Continue reading

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08. term project proposals

Due Friday Nov 5, 2010 A term project proposal includes: A brief, succinct text description of the proposed project, including: What will you build? (describe the proposed object or interaction) (~ 100 words)What is its function or purpose (if any) … Continue reading

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06. Mechanisms and Movement

Due Thursday October 14, 2010: 1. Build, using any materials you like (bristol board, fome-core, wood, acrylic, wire), a machine that combines at least two different simple mechanisms (e.g., cam-follower, 3-bar or 4-bar linkage, geneva-wheel, ratchet and pawl) to create … Continue reading

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05. DC Motor and H-bridge

1. back-n-forth robot: Build a device (e.g., robot) that moves forward until it bumps into something, then backward until it bumps into something, and so on.  You’ll need one motor and an H-bridge to produce the movement.  For a touch-sensor, … Continue reading

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04. Ins and Outs of Analog

0. Sense it:  build a circuit with one analog sensor; a light sensor.  Write a program to print out the analog values that your sensor sees. 1. Calibrate it: now add to your program so that it records the lowest … Continue reading

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Office Hours

I will be available Monday and Wednesday from 5 – 6 pm and Friday 12 – 1 pm in CFA 212. If you have homework questions, please bring your breadboard with a specific question about your circuit or a specific … Continue reading

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03. Sensing Simple Signals

due Tuesday, September 14 2010 1. Design, build, and test a digital sensor (switch) for some condition, e.g., it is raining; a person has crossed the doorway; someone moved my cheese.  You may use this switch (or any other) in … Continue reading

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