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TxtCloud Shadow Box

SMS storage is increasingly moving from local handsets to remote servers, creating the opportunity for everyday messages to collate into archives. The TxTCloud Shadow Box presents wordclouds of a user’s text message archives that are associated with particular people or social groups. There … Continue reading

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mini project | arduino + processing

This mini project is an initial step toward the final project. It demonstrates how to take input from an arduino switch to trigger output from processing (and display different images on an external screen). The switch is made using aluminum foil. … Continue reading

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Displaying and Interacting with Text Message Archives

The device that will be built is a display that has four switches integrated into it. Each switch corresponds to an archive of text messages sent to the device’s owner from a particular person or social group (e.g. Mom, Friend, … Continue reading

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HW 6 Mechanisms and Movement

This project turns rotational motion into linear motion to create a poke machine. A simple switch is used to turn the mechanism on and off. A use scenario is also presented (2nd video). The poke mechanism: The poke mechanism in … Continue reading

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rfid reader and simultaneously reading multiple tags

Finding an rfid reader that can consistently and accurately can read the presence/absence of multiple tags is proving to be tricky. Multi tag readers use a multi-try protocol which I think ISO/IEC 14443 compliant tags will work for (although haven’t … Continue reading

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hw 5 dc motor & h-bridge

I’ve had some serious hardware issues. I originally tried using small DC motors (instead of purchasing new ones specifically for the project). The code was working however the motors were too difficult to affix wheels to; after epoxying cardboard wheels, … Continue reading

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Light Bodies

example of simple light-based tangible devices that react to sounds in different environments. aim of the project is to explore artifacts as a medium of expression in various public performances also see:

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