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Mechanisms and Movement

For this project, I made a Ratchet with a Quick-Return out of foam core. Although, I could never get the ratchet to catch appropriately, the quick return worked very well. I was unable to motorize it.     Advertisements

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Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is a Ardunio micro controller and sensor project that allows a person to record his or her voice inside a glass bottle and deliver it to someone else to hear. Uncork it and speak into the … Continue reading

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Elevator Pitch Competition

Global Entrepreneurship Week, Tepper and the Olympus are hosting a Elevator Pitch Competition this Thursday, November 18th in NSH 1507 from 5:30 – 8:00. Entry is already closed, but it should be fun to watch and gain insights from.

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Message in a Bottle ~ project proposal

Message in a Bottle is the perfect gift for anyone wishing to send a small voice message over significant space and time. A small bottle – corked and opaque red – holds up to 20 seconds of your voice for … Continue reading

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Mini Project – Tower ( a carnival game)

Tower is a carnival-style game for all ages. Make the tower climb to the top by waving your hand over the tin foil. The closer your hand gets, the faster you win! BUT, don’t touch the tower or you lose! … Continue reading

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Laser Cutting Tips

I got to spend some time cutting acrylic yesterday, and I wanted to share some tips that may save you some headaches.  This message is for those who were trained on Scott Hudson’s VersaLaser on Friday.  All these notes are … Continue reading

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HW 05

Hey, here’s the code for HW 5 using two momentary switches for the buttons.  Code: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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