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Final Project | Floating Lights Out

What Is It? Floating Lights Out is a lights out game that has a special way to save patterns of lights onto physical objects containing RFID tags. It lets players enjoy the game and then save and share their favorite … Continue reading

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Project Proposal: Lights Out With RFID memory

I am going to recreate the game Lights Out on a 4×4 grid and allow players to save and load puzzles using objects with embedded RFID tags. The key Parts I will be using include: ID-20 RFID Reader RFID Reader … Continue reading

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HW7 – Dream Machine

Concept Inspired by the movie Inception, I wanted to learn how to use RFID while I created a machine to tell you if you are awake or in a dream. Borrowing the movie’s idea of people using “totems” to keep … Continue reading

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Kiss Kiss Homework 6

A Machine to Make Paper Cranes Kiss The mechanisms used are a cam and cam follower, a bell crank (in a slightly different position than is typical), and a scissor joint. I originally tried to construct a cardboard conveyor belt … Continue reading

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tja Homework 5

I’ve completed all parts of the assignment, and am working on getting updated documentation posted. Final Vehicles Preliminary Success on Part 1 Updated Assignment Code The code I actually used once getting a vehicle made to test with. Part1: Back … Continue reading

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tja – Assignment 4

Circuit Code Code for Parts 0-3 Video As all the parts of the assignment are cumulative, I am posting a video for only the final part, part 3, and the code for part 3 which includes the functionality for parts … Continue reading

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HW3 by Tim

MTI ’10 HW 3 “Sensing Simple Signals” by Tim Andrianoff. Code for Part 2: Switchlight Code for Part 3: Toggle Boggle Code for Part 4: Two Switch Blink Code for Part 5: Two Switch Redux

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