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Syp Vandy's blog, "Hello, Syposphere," is her way of tackling paranoia of privacy on the Internet and just in social networks altogether, whether on or offline. It is her outlet for questioning our world and pondering the future of a 25 year-old life enthusiast. Software developer. Hip hop dancer. Foodie wannabe. RIT Computer Science ’08 alum. And current CMU Human Computer Interaction ’11 grad student. Originally a native of Rochester, NY, transplanted to San Diego, CA then Pittsburgh, PA for CMU, and now living the islander life on Madeira Island, Portugal.

09. The Hustler – Final Project

Final Documentation (.pdf) Code Advertisements

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08. Project Proposal: Pool Cue Aimer, a.k.a. “The Hustler”

Ever try to make a shot while playing pool but didn’t know where to aim? Or maybe you wanted to make a bank or kick shot and wanted an accurate tool to assist you in figuring out what angle from … Continue reading

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07. Mini-Project: Obstacle-Avoiding Robot

Envision It. I’ve always been fascinated by autonomous robots and before this class, did not believe I was ever going to build such a creature.  There are many real-world scenarios that involve obstacle-avoiding mechanisms, from the Roomba Vacuum to the … Continue reading

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06. Mechanisms and Movement (Duck Hunt)

Even though this assignment passed, I just wanted to upload it for my own record. Turn up the sound for nostalgic memories! Uses cam follower and quick return mechanisms.

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04. Ins and Outs of Analog

Part 1 and 2 only. Part 3 is on its way. Code: Part 1 Part 2

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03. Sensing Simple Signals

Code Upload Link currently down.

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01. What if laundry could fold itself?

By Aubrey Shick and Syp Vandy

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