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Giving you super powers…for real. Remember when you were little and watching Superman, and he could fly, but you couldn’t? You wanted to be just like him. Introducing SuperCape, taking you one step closer to that dream. When you’re not … Continue reading

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Proposal: Turn me off

I’m interested in exploring the idea of “anti-technology”, motivated by people’s occasional desire to be away from technology (e.g. switch off phones or go to the park) and reconnect with the natural world instead of losing ourselves in the virtual. … Continue reading

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Etch a Sketch

The initial proposal for my project was to build a water-based etch-a-sketch that would drip water in a pattern controlled by two knobs. I wanted to work with water as a medium and maybe experiment with static electricity forces (like … Continue reading

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Bathroom mechanisms

I used a slider crank and 3-bar linkage mechanism to model a bathroom scene with a plunger and floor mop.

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DC Motor assignment clarification

For the DC motor assignment, are we actually supposed to create some sort of traveling robot/device that gets up and moves around? Or is it enough to attach something to the motor axis and show it turning in specific directions? … Continue reading

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Ins and Outs of Analog

Calibration for part 2 /** Tiffany Ng MTI 2010 —- Analog Input and Output Part 1: Calibration */ const int lightSensorPin = 1; int current = 0; int maxNum = 0; int minNum = 1023; void setup(){ pinMode(lightSensorPin,INPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } … Continue reading

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Sensing Simple Signals

Arduino Sketch: Tiffany_part1_flexswitch Arduino Sketch: Tiffany_part2_twoLEDs Arduino Sketch: Tiffany_part3_toggleLEDs Arduino Sketch: Tiffany_part4_twoswitches Arduino Sketch: Tiffany_part5_switchredux Part 1 Parts 2-3 Parts 4-5

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