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I'm a master's student at Carnegie Mellon's Human Computer Interaction Institute.

Mechanisms and Movement

The Eating Birdy: Advertisements

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The Message Revealer – Final Project

Videos: Marketing: The Making: Documentation | Code Reflections: Evolution of the Implementation and Challenges in the Process My idea was to create an LED display that would appear to be unveil a hidden messages (think magnifying glass). I had decided … Continue reading

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Project Proposal | Message Revealer

What will I build?  / How will it work? I’m making a “message revealer.” (Imagine a magnifying glass.)  The device consists of two-pieces: a handheld LED display and a surface.  As the LED display is swiped across the surface, it … Continue reading

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Mini-project: LED display

My mini-project is a simple LED display, but I like to call it a “primitive secret message revealer.”  As you swipe the device over a special surface, LED lights light up to reveal a hidden message. In my preliminary version, … Continue reading

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DC Motor and H-bridge

Source code: Back-n-Forth Robot |  Phototrope |  Braitenberg Vehicle Schematics: Back-n-Forth Robot |  Phototrope |  Braitenberg Vehicle

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Ins and Outs of Analog

Source code: Sense It |  Calibrate It |  Show It |  Pulse It Schematics (click for larger view):

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Sensing Simple Signals

Source code: Simple Switch |  Switchlight |  Toggle Boggle | Two Switch Blink |  Two Switch Redux Diagrams: Simple Switch  |  Switchlight  |  Toggle Boggle  |  Two Switch Blink  |  Two Switch Redux

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