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socially nervous v0.8

From the initial idea for the project, due to electrical problems I could not solve in time I eventually had to abandon the motors. Turns out that it is a really bad idea to use a 9V battery. I also … Continue reading

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some videos

If you want the original video let me know at mgiraldo in the Andrew CMU mail system.

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nervous progress: circuit schematic and shape

Circuit Click on the diagram to see in full size. Any comments/suggestions are welcome. EAGLE Schematic Click on image to view full size. Some Wiring pins changed from the above version. PCB Click on image to view in full size. … Continue reading

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Schematic symbols for Adobe Illustrator

For those more familiar with Adobe Illustrator (or equivalent) instead of EAGLE or Fritzing, you might find these handy: Schematic symbols for Adobe Illustrator Another one from ITP. This also might come handy to produce your own.

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3D printing and copyright

Thought you might find this interesting: It Will Be Awesome if They Don’t Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology

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socially nervous – final project proposal

Presentation Social network services[1] enable people to communicate with each other in ways that would be considered science fiction only a few years ago. This enablement has been welcome by people at large, with some criticisms concerning personal privacy and … Continue reading

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socially nervous v0.1

This mini project is in preparation for my main project. So far the Wiring circuit connects with Processing via Bluetooth serial signals. Further iterations will make use of web data and mechanical movement.

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