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Final Documentation: Thermal Printer-thing

My initial idea was to create a wireless Assassins-style game. As I thought about it, I realized that wasn’t very interactive. Back to the drawing board. While wandering around campus, I picked up a large quantity of thermal paper that … Continue reading

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Term Project Proposal

I am planning to build a wireless game of Assassins. I will build a small box containing Arduino— hopefully, I will be able to source some older boards or slightly damaged newer boards. There isn’t much computation necessary. (If you … Continue reading

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Mini Project

Images and code have been posted to my website here. There is a fair bit of danger involved with this project, as playing with household current can get you hurt; so if you want to explore the world of 120V … Continue reading

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BBC Article on MIT’s Media Lab

Some interesting interactive technology relevant to the class, plus some just-plain-neat machines. BBC News

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Homework Four

Had this breadboarded for about a week, finally got around to shooting the video… the LEDs light up according to the calibrated value, not the raw value as read by the photo cell. Site

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Updated Assignment One

If you abuse analogRead(), you can make anything into a digital switch with just one wire. See my mini-Maglite as a switch. The rest of the assignment, plus code, is also on my site.

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Here’s a link to my personal webspace with the videos and code used to complete the homework.

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