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09. Final Project Report

Post final reports here by Dec 10 2010 Advertisements

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creative reuse Pittsburgh

Creative Reuse Pittsburgh, above Construction Junction in Point Breeze, has an eclectic collection of materials and supplies for projects – manufacturing surplus etc

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08. term project proposals

Due Friday Nov 5, 2010 A term project proposal includes: A brief, succinct text description of the proposed project, including: What will you build? (describe the proposed object or interaction) (~ 100 words)What is its function or purpose (if any) … Continue reading

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Term Project Schedule

Here is the schedule for the remaining weeks of Making Things Interact: Nov 2 / 4 – In class project pitches; proposals due and posted by Friday Nov 5.  Suggest parts ordered by Friday Nov 5 Nov 9 / 11 … Continue reading

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07 Mini-Project (2 week)

Due Tuesday, October 26 (for in-class demonstrations): Using any of the technologies we’ve covered so far (and any others you would like to investigate on your own), design, develop, debug, and document a small project of your own.   A … Continue reading

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Robives Arthur Ganson’s machines Theo Jansen Strandbeest Apollo sculpture Mecano motion motion101 Rapid Design CMU course Ziggy leg design Linkage mechanism simulator synthetica Kmoddl Cornell library of mechanisms Cabaret Mechanical Theatre Gret Witt Del’s machine Cardboard machines Ben Hopson

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06. Mechanisms and Movement

Due Thursday October 14, 2010: 1. Build, using any materials you like (bristol board, fome-core, wood, acrylic, wire), a machine that combines at least two different simple mechanisms (e.g., cam-follower, 3-bar or 4-bar linkage, geneva-wheel, ratchet and pawl) to create … Continue reading

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