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06. Mechanisms and Movement

My attempts at creating a working, combined mechanism were… not so successful. I created two mechanisms that worked on their own (see video), but because my initial plan with cardboard didn’t work. I hadn’t realized how difficult cardboard is to … Continue reading

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09. Final Project Report – HoverMix

HoverMix is a audio sampling controller designed to create a social experience when mixing music. Participants can work together to cue sounds and fade channels in and out similar to controls on a mixing board. However, unlike traditional mixing which … Continue reading

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08. Project Proposal – Drums… from SPACE

BASIC DESCRIPTION Drums From Space is my first foray into the world of interactive sound generation. The final setup will consist of a small electronic drum set connected to two speakers. Each drum will be a polygonal sheet of acrylic … Continue reading

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07.Mini Project – RGB Light Glove

VIDEO THE STORY I wanted to play around with the idea of composing color by utilizing the color-combining RGB LEDs. Using 3 different variable resistors I could adjust the levels of Red, Green, and Blue color elements separately. I was … Continue reading

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5. DC Motor and H-bridge

1. back-n-forth robot – code : video 2. simple phototrobe – code : video 3. Braitenberg vehicle – code : video As with HW4, the final part took a long time to debug. Turns out I had more physical bugs … Continue reading

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4. Analog I/O

Here are the videos/code for the analog assignment that I have so far. Spent a while with the code on part3 “pulse.” Now it’s successful, but before I could not get the LED to ‘ramp up’ properly. 0. SENSE IT … Continue reading

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Sensing Simple Signals code & video

MTI.3 – Sensing Simple Signals from jwmulholland on Vimeo. CODE: Arduino Sketch: Switches_1_Create_your_own Arduino Sketch: Switches_Exercise_p2_two_led_blink Arduino Sketch: Switches_Exercise___p3_Toggle_Boggle Arduino Sketch: Switches_4_Two_Switch_Blink Arduino Sketch: Switches_5_Two_Switch_Redux

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