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Final Project Documentation

Here is the full project documentation FInal PDF Here is the final code also in full PDF format Advertisements

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Final Project

Vision: I will be continuing my mini project, and expanding my interactive flower idea. The initial flower had basic reactions to changes in light in a room. Using the photo sensor the original flower bloomed or closed. In this same … Continue reading

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Mini Project – Light Flower

Project Description: Sensing Flower. This project is a light sensitive flower which blooms with the change light in its environment. The idea comes from wanting to explore how one can give objects this personality with the shift in changes of … Continue reading

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Homework 6 Mechanisms and Movement

WORK IN PROGRESS – While i have not finished calibrating the pens, my intention was to build a drawing machine. Here is a video of the construction of the base. Here is a final video The car was too heavy … Continue reading

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Homework 5 DC motor and Hbridge

The code for the “back-n-forth robot:” is Here The code for the “simple phototrope/photophobe”: is here The code for Braitenberg vehicle: is here For the Braitenberg vehicle I did not have a second motor so i instead rigged a light … Continue reading

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04. Ins and Outs of Analog

SENSE: Code for sense – Here CALIBRATE: Code for calibration is here SHOW IT: Code for fading according to analog read is here PULSE IT: Code for pulsing with speed variations Here

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3. Sensing Simple Signals

Guitar Switch CodeHere Switchlight Code Here Toggle Boggle CodeHere Two Switch Blink Code here Two Switch redux Code here

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