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Final Project | The Smart Christmas Tree

The Vision How can I make Christmas more fun and interactive by using knowledge I gained this semester?  This was my core vision that drove both my Mini Project and my Final Project. The Mini was an initial exploration of … Continue reading

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Proposal: Intelligent Tree 2.0

Vision My proposal for the final project would be an extension of my mini project.  I mentioned several ideas for adding functionality to Christmas trees in the beginning of my mini project documentation, and I eventually decided to explore wireless … Continue reading

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Mini Project | The Intelligent Christmas Tree

The Vision For this project I wanted to bridge the gap between the electronics work we’ve been doing in class (breadboard and Arduino work) with the household electronics I’m very familiar with on a surface level, but whose inner workings … Continue reading

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06 Mechanisms & Movement

This simple machine translates rotary motion into oscillating motion. Music by Royksopp

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Sensing Simple Signals

Parts 2-5, Part 1 on the way.

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The Ins and Outs of Analog

Video for parts 2 and 3: Schematic from Fritzing:

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What if you could open doors with an imaginary spider web?

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