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Final Project: Tri-Color Pendulums

Check out my document, complete with images here: Check out my video here: Check out my code here: What is it? Tri-Color Pendulums consists of three pendulums: red, green, and blue. As they move toward one another, they … Continue reading

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A few things

Here are a few things I never got around to posting: miniproject: For my miniproject i hooked up a scale to my arduino to read in its values. My goal was to create a medication tracking device that based on … Continue reading

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Asn 4

//4.0 int inPin = 5; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { Serial.println(digitalRead(inPin)); } //4.1 int inPin = 5; int maxn; //maximum number int minn; //minimum number int curn; // current number boolean initialize = true; void setup() { … Continue reading

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KeeponĀ Robot

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3d LEDĀ Cube

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