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Interactive Checkers Set

The Interactive Checkers Set is a complete checkers set where a person can play a game of checkers against a computer. The person plays on an actual checkers board with actual checkers pieces, and the computer “plays” against the person … Continue reading

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Project Proposal: Interactive Checkers

What is it? I am going to build a checkers board game, where a person can play against the Arduino. There will be a physical checkers board, and the human will play as normal with actual checkers pieces. The board … Continue reading

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What to Wear Bot

What The What to Wear Bot lets you know what you should wear in the morning – long sleeves or a t-shirt, pants or shorts. A representation of a person is displayed, along with LED lights indicating what pieces of … Continue reading

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Geneva Stop & Crank

I’ve created a geneva stop combined with a crank out of cardboard. It’s attached to a DC motor, which unfortunately broke before I was able to get a video of it, so the mechanism is being hand turned in the … Continue reading

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Ins and Outs of Analog


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Sensing Simple Signals

All 5 parts of my assignment

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Binary marble adding machine

This is an adding machine that uses marbles to add binary numbers, using a series of wooden rocker switches and some clever design.

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