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Talk-O-Matic Final Documentation

The Talk-O-Matic takes input from two separate microphones, compares the audio input with an Arduino (using a low pass filter and peak-detection), and moves the pinwheel gear motor associated with the more active microphone. If input is approximately equal, both … Continue reading

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Project Progress

I missed class on Thursday, so I thought I’d post my progress on the project so far. My original proposal, Project Proposal: Physically Visualizing Discussion Participation, involved using microphones to measure discussion participation, and then various parts to visualize the … Continue reading

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Project Proposal: Physically Visualizing Discussion Participation

Introduction [A pinch of background: My research area is Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (which is somewhat related to Computer-Supported Collaborative Work).] In order for students to get the maximum benefits of discussion-based learning, it’s been shown that they must not only … Continue reading

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Mini Project: Shadow Puppet [and Haunted Shirt]

Here’s my first go at documenting my mini project: Introduction This project is a snake puppet that slithers up and down when the lights are on, and does not move when the lights are off. It is run by two … Continue reading

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HW6. Mechanisms and Movement

HW6 Video Related Images Code for HW6 Mechanisms and Movement /** * HW 6 – MECHANISMS AND MOVEMENT * – by Iris Howley – * * Runs two motors connected through an h-bridge. * Motors start ‘off’, but when a … Continue reading

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The assignment was to calibrate an analog sensor, and have the analog LED output match the sensor input in intensity and blinking. After running some tests with my analog sensor, I don’t think it is sensing properly: when you put … Continue reading

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MTI ’10 HW 3 “Sensing Simple Signals” (except part 1) by Iris Howley. MTI ’10 HW 3 “Sensing Simple Signals” (only part 1) by Iris Howley.

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