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One Breath – Final Project

Exploring the notion of Tele-Topia “One Breath” is a telematic devide that transmits someone’s breath to a different location as electric pulses, by sensing human respiration and specifically the act of blowing. The device activates wirelessly different electronic powered objects … Continue reading

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Project Proposal: “Tele-topia”

What: My idea is to create a device that connects (physically) people located in two different places, by transmitting over distance human body’s signals, like breath or temperature. Using the blowing sensor that I built for my mini project, I’ll … Continue reading

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Blowing Sensor

Blowing sensor. I created my own sensor as a solution for this project. I was interested in creating an interactive device that could be manipulated without touching any surface but still reacting to human presence. I used a small fan … Continue reading

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Mechanism and Movement

I’ve created a piece that creates a dialogue between video images and physical objects. The idea is that there is a string pulled from two sides of the room by a different “performers”. On one side there is a TV … Continue reading

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DC -Motor

Code int buttonPin1 = 12; //forward – backward / 1 momenatry button, two states int motorPin1 = 9; int motorPin2 = 10; int bmotorPin1 = 5; int bmotorPin2 = 3; int enablePin = 7; //enable motors int photocellPin1 = 0; … Continue reading

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Assignment – analogue In – Out


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Sensing simple Signals

Using a book as switch (Assignment 1 to 5)

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