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Final Term Project: DragStrip!!!

DragStrip is an analog arcade game simulator designed to bring the non-tangible interactions of a two-player racing video game to the physical world. It is an interactive toy meant for the young at heart, with the purpose of getting its … Continue reading

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Project Proposal | DragStrip: The Analog Drag Racing Arcade Game

DragStrip is a physical representation of an old school arcade game. It shares the same type of buttons and actions required by the players, but instead of displaying the results on a screen, the reactions to their button presses are … Continue reading

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Mini Project: Quarter Mile Dragster

My original idea was to have a dragster with a 12v DC motor connected to a PWM pin, and the speed for that motor would vary according to the total # of button pushes you could accomplish on a momentary … Continue reading

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06 Mechanisms and Movement: Bipolar Bot

My code is very similar to the h-bridge DC motor assignment. Pasted here

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DC Motor and H-Bridge beginnings

I was able to make the first part of the dc motor robot, still working on the two following parts, coming up soon… Continue reading

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Ins and Outs of Analog

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Sensing Simple Signals

I just got around to uploading my video to my computer and compiling it. Figured better late than never…

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