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The MEAL Project (Mindful Eating via Ambient Light)

For the distracted diner who wants a subtle reminder to assess how full he or she is while eating, the MEAL dish is a weight-sensing dish that illuminates with colored light to give the user a sense of how much … Continue reading

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Final Project Proposal by Corinna Sherman

Encouraging Mindful Eating with Ambient Light Nowadays, we rarely sit down to a meal simply to eat. Many people chat, read, or watch TV during their meals, and in their distracted state, don’t pay attention to how quickly they are … Continue reading

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Mini-Project: Pop-up Piano

I created a pop-up piano with six keys. When a key is pressed, the corresponding musical note plays through a speaker. A pull-tab can be also be pulled or pushed to dim or brighten an LED by means of a … Continue reading

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HW6 by Corinna Sherman

Mechanisms and Movement by Corinna Sherman See the code   Unrelated to the final device, this is an earlier attempt at creating a Geneva drive out of bristol board, Q-tips, and foamcore. When the disc turns, it moves a pin … Continue reading

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HW5 by Corinna Sherman

DC Motor and H-bridge by Corinna Sherman Note: I only posted video for the first and third parts, since the third part incorporates the functionality of the phototrope in the second part. See the code.

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HW4 by Corinna Sherman

Ins and Outs of Analog by Corinna Sherman See the code. Code notes: Code for parts 0-2 are the same and are contained in AnalogInput.pde. Code for part 3 is called PulseIt.pde.

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HW3 by Corinna Sherman

Sensing Simple Signals by Corinna Sherman Arduino Sketch: Corinna_HW3_1 Arduino Sketch: Corinna_HW3_2 Arduino Sketch: Corinna_HW3_3 Arduino Sketch: Corinna_HW3_4 Arduino Sketch: Corinna_HW3_5 Notes on part 1 To make the footswitch, I used two cutting boards. To the bottom board, I taped … Continue reading

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