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DeskPal Final Documentation Code: DeskPal.pde Emotion.pde Advertisements

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Project Proposal – DeskPal :)

Project Overview As a graduate student, you’ve probably been spending most of your days sitting on a desk.  Over time, we eventually develop a lot of bad habits without knowing! Such as bad sitting postures, falling asleep doing work, forget … Continue reading

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Mini Project – Simon Says

Story The idea came up from the long hours sitting on the desk and working on the computer. Sometimes your thoughts just doze off when you’re starting to feel sleepy. I just thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a … Continue reading

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HW3 Sensing and Simple Signals

Code: 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5

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HW5 DC Motor and H-Bridge

Pictures of the Robot Code: 5.1 5.2 5.3

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Mechanisms and Movements

Beware of Sharks!!

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HW4 Ins and Outs of Analog

Part 0 source code Part 1 source code Layout for part 0/1 Part 2 source code Part 3 source code Layout for part 2/3

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