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Creator and Director of the Romibo Robot Project!

Meet MEmote! by Aubrey Shick

Meet MEmote! a DIY (Do it Yourself) robot aspiring to help children with Autism recognize and express emotion.  (The project is a preliminary exploration executed over a few weeks and will continue to be developed and researched.) MEmote is an … Continue reading

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Hershey-kiss-shaped creature robot

What will you build? “It” (yet to be named) will be an emotive creature who’s physical and perceived emotional behaviors are a function of the level of light detected and the proximity to objects.  At this point in time the … Continue reading

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Seekie Spiderbot

What: Seekie Spider is a photovore robot; he seeks the brightest point in the room.  When he wonders into the dark he becomes “unhappy,” displays a red light and walks backwards into the brighter area.  When Seekie is in medium … Continue reading

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ashick_assignment 3

Zipped File with related code

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HelloCoffee was designed to react to the user as a sort of cheerful servant, similar to a faithful dog or loyal pet. The more attention it receives, the more it reacts. When the button is pushed, the coffee goes into … Continue reading

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VibeAttire – A wearable music experience

VibeAttire Video 1 VibeAttire Video 2 (For extra credit… the rap version.) This vest takes audio jack input and breaks it down into vibrations that can be felt throughout the torso.  Originally designed to be and audio experience for the … Continue reading

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