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Reversed Scanner Project

About The objective for this project was to create a device that could print graphical elements into a surface that had the ability to erase itself. To do this, I explored the potential of a photochomatic ink. This special kind … Continue reading

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Term Project Proposal: Screen Scanner V2

Intro For the mini project I developed the concept of a screen scanner. The project is based on a pigment that changes color when UV light hits it. To explore thisĀ an actual scanner was hacked so that the scanning mechanism … Continue reading

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07: Scanner Screen

What The objective of this mini-project (did not feel mini) is to create a surface that could change it’sĀ appearance, possibly creating an image. This was possible to achieve with a special pigment that is white under normal circumstances but changes … Continue reading

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A6: Over-engineered blinker


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Assignment 5 Progress

I’ve finished the first part. I’ll add the rest to this post as I complete them. The codes will be posted at the end. BumperBot I know I changed the assignment slightly by making it left-n-right instead of front-n-back. But … Continue reading

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Ins and Outs of Analog

Video I added two extra LEDs. They signal when the system is recalibrating, one for each boundary: max and min. Circuit Code Code link is broken. Can’t upload. Will try again later.

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Simple Signals

Video How the simple signal works The circuit is basically an LED and a photocell. The software was developed so that the LED is scared of light, even it’s own. This way, when a cup is placed on top of … Continue reading

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