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Final Documentation|RFID Trip Manager

Trip_Manager.pdf Source Code   Advertisements

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Project proposal | RFID trip manager

Idea: For my final project, I am planning to construct a small device designed to interactively manage one’s possessions during a trip or vacation. The idea is that the device will store a database of personal effects and that the … Continue reading

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Mini Project

Background After working on HW6, I wanted to explore actuating a pendulum using feedback and magnetism. So I built a large scale pendulum as a test bed for this idea. Parts Wood for pendulum frame 4*AA battery holder 5V regulator … Continue reading

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HW6: Mechanisms and Movement

This project uses several linkages to turn an oscillating motion into rotational motion. The pendulum, comprised of 2 pennies, sits atop 2 low friction eyelets. As the pendulum swings, it moves a pawl, which guided by a slot,  creates linear … Continue reading

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Mosfets and Transistors

Simplified circuit diagram showing how to connect N-MOS transistors and NPN transistors.

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